Back Healed: Anthony

So I did my back in at air hop 3 weeks ago. Was waiting for release before seeing a doctors/chiropractors. I'd thought it was muscular at first, but realised it was probably disc related as it still hurt.  I couldn't run or bend down without it spasming. So walking to church was painful each step. Excited to get prayer from Randy etc. But then I Clo and Sarah Ault prayed for me before hand. Didnt feel anything. But back is healed. Can run. No spasming and no pain! Aha. So no prayer from Randy.  But healing from Jesus.  X

Tendonitis: Rachel

I wanted to share a testimony from Tuesday night. I watched the videos and there was a lady who had been in a cast from tendonitis in her arm. I said to my friend I had tendonitis for 4 years in both wrists, making moving my thumbs painful. When Randy said if you have conditions mentioned in the video check it out, I moved my hands, there was no pain in my left but a little in my right. I waved my hands as it was at least 80% better! I checked it out all day Wednesday and by the time I went to the evening event on Wednesday both hands were 100% better. I have woken up this morning with no pain for the first time in 4 years!! Thank you Jesus!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting on the conference, it's been amazing and I can't wait to see the miracles God is going to release through us all in Bristol!!! 

Shoulder: Grace

So Tuesday I was miserable - i felt ill and tired and also was feeling battered emotionally and spiritually.  Then when the word of knowledge about the Swan was given I stood up. On Sunday my friend had given me a picture of a Swan paddling really hard but wasn't moving. God said to her to tell me to stop paddling and to let his water/spirit move me forward. 
This is why I stood up and got prayer on Tuesday.  As the minister who gave the word prayed for me I cried, shook and then was filled with Joy and total peace. Praise God He had given me exactly what I needed. Release,  blessing , Joy which brings strength and His peace which is like no other.

Tuesday night I stood up as the word of knowledge about the left shoulder and the flashing light was given as my shoulder had been injured for about roughly 10-12 years from when I had swung my cousin and something had popped out and crunches back in. The doctors didn't know what I had done as it could have been a bone/tendon or something else. But when I touched it or put a bag on my shoulder ever since,I have felt pain. As I stood up it healed about 80% so I went up to get the other 20% and did! Praise God.

Wednesday daytime when Randy called the pastors up to pray for them and then said his prayer ministry team were overwhelmed so any other prayer ministers would be greatly appreciated, I went up to pray for people as I do at Woodies.  I saw many people blessed by God as I prayed a worship leader who was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and afterwards told me he had a vision for me! It was of gold road I was walking on and a rainbow over the road with Jesus under it. Meaning I am walking in blessings and that his promises are with me as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus. This links with other prophetic words God has given to me in my own talks with God and also through others. But God was reaffirming again due to my recent battle. Praise God He blessed him and me all in one go!

Stiff Joints: Mary

Dear lovely Love Bristol. First of all thank you so much for putting on the Release conference, it was just wonderful and all at Woodies are the creme de la creme. 
Apart from being strengthened in the Lord, He healed me of painful, stiff finger joints in both hands and knees that were sore when walking fast. On Wednesday afternoon during the impartation I was praying for boldness in sharing my faith. I went out with the street evangelism group to the fountain area by the docks and felt a real freedom to talk and pray with people there. 

Back Pain: David

Dear Randy, the first night at Christchurch my friend and I were in a queue after the meeting waiting to be prayed for by you. There was one person in front of us and a few behind. Jeremiah came and told us that you needed to go and rest and there would be another opportunity the next day! We quite understood. The lady behind us started sobbing into her husband's arms as she had missed her chance and could not return tomorrow. I suggested to my friend that we should offer to pray for her. She described her brain disease and my friend who is a paediatrician knew exactly what it was. We laid hands on her and prayed while he commanded the various symptoms to be healed. She started crying - this time with joy! Her constant pain had gone and she could tell she was healed! We all started clapping ecstatically and she went home rejoicing! 😊
This afternoon, while having a haircut, I prayed for my barber who said he had an agonising pain in his back and kidney area and was due to go to the hospital as soon as they called him back. I asked him if I could pray for him and he agreed! I laid my hands on his back and commanded it to be healed and the pain to leave in Jesus Name (front of others in the shop!) Nothing appeared to happen and he got the call and went off to the hospital. I prayed that he would encounter Jesus today and left it at that! The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat! 😓 
Much love

Stammer: Emma

I have had a stammer since I could talk, it is something I coped really well with and didn't hold me back. I've found it increasingly difficult over the last few months and a few days before the conference I felt God say to me that he could heal me. During the conference on the Wednesday evening Randy prayed over us and I was able to say words that I usually find difficult freely to my friends that I was sat with but Randy said about having an act of obedience and testing it. The only way to truly test it was to speak up the front and say my name which I would always stammer on especially in front of so many people. I went up and explained what I thought had happened to Randy and tested it and was able to say my name fluently which in that situation I would never of been able to do. I was speaking which more ease the whole evening and have been since. Feel like God is teaching me how to say words again with this new freedom and I'm walking it out with him.

Shoulder: Alice

I was healed of a very stiff and painful shoulder on Tuesday night. I still had pain, but my mobility had been restored. (I did not feel I qualified for testifying to a healing as I had only had the condition 6 months, and I still had pain - and I really did not want to pretend that things were better than they were). The following morning I woke up with reduced mobility and pain, and was really disappointed - but as the day wore on everything got better.  It has now been 5 days, and every morning I wake up with less pain than the previous day and my shoulder is working well! It is so much better than last week, that I can now confidently say I have been healed, (more than 80%). I have spent the last 2 days in the garden shifting tons of rubble.

The conference was amazing - so good to hear teaching on all the miracles Jesus did. And to hear that we can take the Bible literally when Jesus says that whatever he did, we will be able to do by his spirit within us. The films of the other conferences where others also got healed were very encouraging, and indeed, did inspire faith. THe other major feature of the healing part of the meetings that I loved was how 'clinical' they were - no emotional manipulation, atmospheric lights or music! Just a sense of expectation, hearing about God's agenda though words of knowledge, and then God doing his stuff quietly and unobtrusively.  I felt safe, being in a place where there was order and control - and that enabled me to let God do his thing.

Thank you so much for following your instructions and setting in motion the conference - I am looking forward to what follows. God bless you all, and thank you to Randy and the team for coming.

Car Accident: Pat

I received healing on my neck from a car accident 7 years ago at a church healing service in Malaysia on my visit to my family in March. When I got back to UK I started to share what God has done with some members of my church. Some were glad for me but others were skeptical. I was going through a difficult time with my husband and emotionally drained. I started to have pain on my left shoulder and to the back and left side of my head. When my pastor told me about the healing conference I decided to go. The worship was amazing and when Randy Clarkestarted preaching I felt a heaviness and tears rolling down. I went up for prayer on the Tuesday and felt better. In the evening of that day I went up for prayer again and knew that God had taken my pain away. On the Wednesday although I witnessed others being touch by the Lord I had no outward signs of manifestations but my abdomen moved inwards and out and felt tingling on the top of my head.

Thank you for organizing the conference. I felt very blessed and hope to pray for others to receive healing. I would very much like to know more of how to do this. If you have anymore healing conferences or teaching I would like to attend. It has made me hunger for more of God in my life and hopefully release his love to our local community which is outside Bristol.

ME: Sophie

1. In 2012 I had pneumonia and a collapsed lung. I almost died from septicaemia-blood poisoning as my system was poisoned by the infection.

2 .I  Was left with ME as a result of the pneumonia etc. 

What is M.E?

M.E. is a neurological disease and stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. 

My = muscle

Algic = pain

Encephalo = brain

Mye = spinal cord

Itis = inflammation

M.E. is a multi-system disease, affecting not only the neurological system but also the immune, musculoskeletal, endocrine (hormonal) and cardiovascular systems. 

How did it affect me?

It affected my mobility, my joints, my speech, my cognitive ability and left me in constant pain. It had been this way for almost 4 years. Sometimes it would take an hour to get out of bed as everything would set like being in concrete and I had to face the pain of cracking it to move, joint by joint.  I couldn't do simple tasks like putting on shoes without it being a Herculean task. My children from age 11 and 5 and were forced into being carers when I was at my worst. 

My entire body had been affected by this condition including my immune system which amongst many other issues led to constant infections including an abscess/tumour in jaw and repeated pneumonia causing me to be in and out of hospital. I couldn't move my ankles properly and my spine felt like I was sitting on sharp knives the stabbing was so painful. I was in constant pain every day for four years. 

In focussing prayer on bodily healing I think that I was missing the fact that emotionally I was very broken due to the extreme and sudden life change that the illness delivered. My marriage ended and I faced separation two months after almost dying. I was now very ill and in sole charge of two children. I then had to face the loss of my job and status that it brought and it left a deep sense of rejection.

Despite having been through this I was surprised during the healing prayer what presented as the root of the problem as I thought that I had dealt with it and done the forgiveness-turns out I had just pushed it so far out of the way that even I couldn't see it. Despite having a constant strong faith and having prayed through my hurt and God being tangibly close throughout the whole thing I was still unknowingly deeply angry and rejected.  Today the spiritual healing for this is full and complete and it was intense prayer-a refiner's Fire; the source of the condition is removed I believe that I am healed of ME and now the final part of my physical healing can start.

 I have had a very broken body for four years and piece by piece God is restoring that to full working order now that I have allowed God to remove the root.  On the night of the healing prayer I dragged myself up for prayer bent over a stick and left walking normally able to move in a way that I hadn't for years. I almost left the healing service as I was in so much pain I couldn't bear to sit any longer. After prayer my pain level went from a strong 9 to a below 1.

My movement is already better I don't need to use my stick and pain is greatly reduced but not completely gone. I also have to contribute by choosing to work towards fitness without fear. 

If my journey has been like a restoration of a house all the foundations and final fix are done all that's left is the decorating and landscaping.

 I am so excited for the future and so encouraged by hearing God's voice and him doing exactly what he promised. I was woken at 3am to buy tickets for the conference and told to expect healing. I wasn't disappointed!! I am keeping a diary post healing with bible verses and affirmations. Every day I have good things to thank God for. I am also doing the diary to keep a watchful eye on what the enemy is doing so lies can be broken off quickly before they can take root. God is good. Xxx watch this space!!